Friday 4 December 2015

Geelong Xmas Collection for Women & Kids DV Shelter

Hi guys! Not part of my normal blogging but I thought I would share this really important issue with you all.

I normally do the Target or Kmart Wishing Trees but this year, I saw the flyer & thought about my baby boy & how hard it would be to have to up & move at any time of year, let alone Christmas, with your babies in tow, seeking a safe place to stay & my heart was breaking.

We are so, so lucky to have such a wonderful dad & husband in our lives, but I know a lot of women & children aren't as lucky as us. So hopefully this donation from MollyPossum Creations will help a couple of families just live a little easier this Christmas.

I urge you all, if you're in the Geelong area, to please support the Emergency Evacuation House - please contact Clare at to donate.

Thank you

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