Sunday 15 April 2018

New & Old Ink Pad Comparison

Hi Crafters!

Tonight I'm showing you a comparison of the new & old ink pads & full disclosure here, full credit to the beautiful Patty Bennet, US Demo, for putting up these pics for those of us who don't yet have all the new inks to use. You're a gem, Patty! xx

The new pads include a defoamer to stop the inks from bubbling & they are a firmer fit around the lid so hopefully they don't flick off anymore. Also, they open like a compact, so they are really easy to operate & they have little holes on the top & corresponding feet on the bottom so you can stack them really neatly. They are also more of a square shape, but the ink pad itself is about the same size. One last thing, they have an extra black colour sticker & a spot for it on the inside, so you know which ink you're using when they're open! I'm so excited to get these!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the inks you already own & of course you can continue to use those. Some demo's are saying they will get new reinkers for the new ink pads because of the new defoamer in the inks & pads, but SU have said you can mix them & use the new for the old & vice versa (except obviously no mixing the archival inks with the classic inks). All the item numbers for the ink pads in the new catalog have changed, so any new ink pads you order will be this new shape. There is also a bundle price for the new colours from the revamp. 

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  1. Great photographs by Patty giving us crafters a clear view of how the ink pad containers differ and how they are the same; if that makes sense? Thank you for thinking of blogging this information Jessie.