Saturday 23 May 2020

New - Demo Training with Jessie Holton

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EARLY BIRD OFFER - NEW Demo Training with Jessie Holton

$79 one off early bird price, valid until 31 May.

It’ll cover you until the end of the year. Discounted price as I’m still in the process of adding course content & ironing out the creases. From June, it’ll be $20/month based on a 12 month subscription, so you get 3 months free with the early bird price. I’m covering tips for running an SU business, as well as confidence & positive mindset modules. I’m so excited to start sharing it!

It’s a bit of a work in progress at the moment & to be honest, I’ll always be updating it as I’m always doing more courses myself. I love to learn new things & I’ll be sharing it all. I’m hoping to have a few speakers, some from SU, but also some outside industries like an accountant, a videographer, other direct sales people for their tips on selling & recruitment, mindset & meditation coaches. And then of course I’ve got a whole list of things I can speak about & so I’ll be doing a bunch of presentations as well.

I'm not going to lie, you'll get out of it what you put into it & if you're willing to work hard & push your comfort zone, you'll find success, too.

Click here to take advantage of the one off early bird price of $79, which will cover you up until the end of December 2020 (3 months free training). You'll receive a reminder to go onto the $20/month subscription in December 2020. All prices are in AUD, but anyone from anywhere is welcome to join my training.

Or click here to start the 12 month subscription at $20/month.

So why am I qualified to offer training? I started with Stampin' Up! in September 2015 & in 4 years, I have advanced to Silver Elite & achieved two incentive trips in a row & I have been in the Top 5 for Leadership & Recruiting in the last two years, as well as ranked 16th & 11th overall in Australia. I also have a team of 25-35 wonderful women (numbers fluctuate). What started as a hobby for a bored new mum on maternity leave has turned into my full time passion & I want to share that with you.

Here's a snippet from my about page:

I promoted to Bronze Elite in December 2015, Silver in May 2016 & Silver Elite in February 2018. 

2018 was a pretty amazing year:
  • I promoted to Silver Elite 
  • I earned Top Five in Australia for both 
    • Recruiting (2nd place) & 
    • Leadership (5th place)
  • I ranked 16th Overall in Australia (out of about 5,000 Demos)
  • I ranked 182nd Overall Globally (out of about 50,000 Demos)
  • I was asked to present at Melbourne OnStage November 2018 on the Classic Garage Suite
  • And I am super excited I earned my first incentive trip in August 2018 - my husband & I cruised through the Greek Isles in July 2019
2019 Achievements:
  • I earned Top Five in Australia for both
    • Recruiting (3rd place) &
    • Leadership (3rd place) 
  • I ranked 11 Overall in Australia (out of about 5,000 Demos)
  • I ranked 175 Overall Globally (out of about 50,000 Demos)
  • I earned the Maui incentive trip in September 2019. The trip has been postponed until May 2021 & this time I'm taking my big brother Graham along with me. 

How awesome would it be if you could say... Remember that time I took my husband on an all expenses paid trip & we bumped into Pootles while we were walking around Mykinos?

Please contact me anytime if you have any queries or even if you would just like to chat! or 0413 860 699

Love, Jessie xx 

Thanks for leaving me a comment, you've made my day! xx

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