Thursday 5 November 2015

Sewing Projects

I thought I would start off by throwing in a few of the sewing projects I've completed for you guys. I can make all of these to order in different colours & sizes, so just let me know if there is anything that takes your fancy :)

First, here's some patchwork quilts for my gorgeous baby boy (very biased mummy here lol). The middle section of the larger quilt, with Luke in the pic, I found in a bag of scraps I bought off eBay, so I just put the border on it. The second smaller quilt is the first one I have completed myself & I'm really happy with the outcome. It fits perfectly in Lukes pram when folded in half & he loves chewing on it & playing hide & seek with it. I think that's the most rewarding thing, seeing how much Luke loves playing with the things I've made for him. I think he likes the colours in it.

Some soft toys I've made (I've got about a dozen different patterns for all different animals, so if there is something specific you're after, please let me know). The Lion is the first soft toy I've made, so he's a bit wonky but Luke absolutely loves him. The pigs were a present for my brother-in-law & his wife who take in a lot of rescue animals who need re-homing. They have two pigs called Mork & Mindy, so I thought I'd give them a little mini Mork & Mindy set :)

Here are some little baby soft cube toys I have made. The first set I made as the competition prize to boost my Facebook likes. The lady, Jill, who won them is such a lovely lady & has given them to her granddaughter Milla, so I'm really happy they went to a good home! The second set were made to order & I love how the square pattern looks so neat on them!


Finally, here's two little buntings I made for a friend's kids, Ella & Riley.

I've also got some bibs & another quilt which I can't yet reveal, but I will post them soon!!

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