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 Join My Team!

Do you have a big wishlist? 
Would you like a discount on that? Anytime is a good time to join & start saving! Want early access to new products, too? Check out my FAQ page or contact me for more info. 

So what do you get when you 
Join My Team

You get to chose an incredible $235 worth of goodies & pay just $169, with free shipping. There's no set kit, you choose anything you want, up to $235. You also get an ongoing 20% discount on purchases while you're a demo & it's with higher sales/purchases, you can bump that up to a 25% discount.

But wait, there's more! 

You'll be invited to join my fun Possum Posse Team Facebook page where we share all the goodies we've been ordering & our gorgeous creations. We also have a monthly card swap for those with birthdays or Stampin' Anniversaries, access to my catalog paper & ribbon shares, monthly recognition, awards & prize draws. It's just an all round great community. You also get to join my upline's team page which is a really fun group to be part of, too. I am seriously lucky to have an amazing group of ladies on my team & I would love for you to join us.

Here's me & some of my team members who attended the OnStage event in November 2019. We currently have appx 40 odd members in the team - that's 40 new friends just waiting to meet you! xx 

Join My Team!

Need more info? 

I am always looking for craft addicts to join my incredible Possum Posse Team of lovely people from all over Australia. There is the opportunity to sell, host parties or classes, but you can also just join for the discount. Get $235 worth of your choice of product for just $169 plus a minimum of 20% off all future purchases! Please note, you must reside in Australia to join my team.

So why would you join my team? Well, for starters, you get your products at a discount (minimum 20% off) and build your craft stash. This benefit alone is a great reason to join. Share the beautiful catalogs & products with your friends & family, & you can enjoy a bigger discount, earn free products or even earn some play money. Does this sound like something for you? 

I'd love to welcome you to my Australia wide team of craft lovers. I am happy to help you get started towards your goals - whether that is to build up your craft supplies, get to know other craft lovers or to earn some extra cash. Our team is a network of wonderful crafters who love to share their ideas & knowledge, making our Facebook groups a fun, sharing environment.

What do you get when you sign up?
- $235 of ANY Current product 
- Free postage Australia wide
- 8 Brand New Annual Catalogues (& a pack of seasonal catalogs if applicable)
- Business Starter Pack RRP $80 - Order Forms, Party Invite Postcards & Hostess Envelopes
- Early access to new products & catalogs
- Support and training
- Join our Facebook team pages
- Make lots of friends 

How much for all this you ask? ONLY $169! Don't think about it any longer - join the Possum Posse team and you will never look back!

Join My Team!

Join My Team today! You won't regret it!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSDo you have to hold parties or workshops?
No! You can purely purchase just to get the products cheaper - there are no obligations to sell to others.

Do I require an ABN or GST registration to join? It asks me for one on the form?
It does ask this question on the sign up form but it is not required information. 

If I join and don't reach the quarterly sales target (300csv per quarter), what happens? Do I just stop becoming a demonstrator and lose my benefits?
That is correct – there is no fee, nothing happens, you just finish. They do give you an opportunity to try and make up what you missed the last three months so you are still active in the fourth month and go into pending. You need to make up what you missed to continue. But there are no fees, lock in contracts etc. It works out (with the discount) to around $135/month in sales/purchases

Join My Team!

Please contact me if you have any queries!

 Love, Jessie xx 

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Please contact me if you have any queries!



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