Tuesday 26 July 2016

July may just be the best month to join!

Hi Crafters! 

I wonder if July is possibly the best month to join in. To be fair, any month is a great month to join, but when you look at July you’re looking at a whole new open door for new demonstrators…

Join now & have until 31 December to meet your first quarter! Have a look at this sampler to see all the goodies you could get for $235! That's right - you pick your own kit worth $235 & pay only $169!!

Stampin’ Up! has quarterly minimums to meet if you wish to remain as an active demonstrator, and they’re calendar quarters – Jan to March, April to June, July to Sept, Oct to December. However, the quarter that you join in is given as a sort of ‘grace’ period. You’re not expected to meet any minimums in that quarter, but any sales/purchases you make carry over. It’s a good job you don’t have to meet them, I joined 2 days before the end of the quarter!

Anyway, so because July is the first month in a quarter, the whole of the July – Sept quarter is a grace period, so in actuality, you have aaaaaallll the way through until December 31st to meet your minimums. And they ain’t exactly high, just $440 per quarter. Which when you take your demo discount off, works out to be around $120 per month, or $360 per quarter, and considerably less if you’re a July joiner! And once you promote to Bronze Elite, it's even less as your commission goes up to 25%!

And yes, this does take effect no matter which quarter-start month you join in, but there’s something extra special about July.

You see, as a demonstrator, you get to shop the new catalogues a month earlier than anyone else. Very sensible for those who go out and demonstrate, we can pre prepare projects in advance. However, if you’re a happy hobbyist wanting to shop for yourself, you get that extra month.

And that extra month makes a huge difference when the Holiday catalogue is live to the public for just 4 months from September to December….

You see, there isn’t another quarter that this happens in. The pre-order for the Annual Catalogue happens in May, which is mid quarter and the Occasions pre-order is December, the end of a quarter. But that leads me to my next bonus point. That a July joiner gets to shop 2, yes that’s TWO different catalogues on pre-order… the Occasions catalogue is up for pre-order in December, and you’ll be able to earn Sale a Bration free goodies a month early too!

Stampin’ Up! is setting up a great series of things for us demonstrators to do from next Wednesday, and they’re demonstrator exclusives plus we get the first look at the new catalogue then, too!

So aside from joining because it’s an amazing company, you love the craft supplies, you want a discount and you want to be part of my team, July really could be the best month to join to take advantage of lots of brilliant stuff.

Of course, if you decide that you want to make this a business, or even just keep ticking along as a happy hobby shopper, then you can get to pre-order and the demonstrator perks for as long as you like….

I’ve got a bit more information here for you if you’re curious, including what I offer as a Team Leader and upline.

You could also click here if you are ready to join, right here, right now! Note: to join my team, you must reside in Australia.
Please contact me if you have any queries!

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